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Advice on Lab Results


Wondering if anyone can help I've been backwards and forwards from the doctors quite a few times recently and they've run some bloods as they think I may have hypothyroidism. Has anyone else had similar results? I have an appointment with my GP to discuss them but not for another two weeks. Do these results suggest Hypothyroidism or not?

MCH 23.1pg (Low)

MCV 75.2fL (Low)

RBC 5.24 10*12/L (high)

TSH 3.33 mu/L

All my other bloods are in the normal ranges

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normal ranges means ZIP

be very very sure to always get results and reference ranges

your TSH is clearly high and now its vital that your GP tests

thyroid antibodies






vit d3

as all are interrelated and results must be optimum not just "in range "

does anyone else in your family have an auto immune disease



TSH 3.33 indicates your thyroid gland is struggling but NHS won't usually make a diagnosis of primary hypothyroidism until TSH is over range. TSH testing excludes a diagnosis of secondary hypothyroidism. It would be useful if your GP tested FT4 in addition to TSH.

Low MCV and MCH can indicate iron anaemia. Has your ferritin been tested? If so, please include the result and range.

High RBC may be due to dehydration or smoking.

labtestsonline.org/understa... explains low and high red blood cell evaluations.


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