Pleased with my Endo regarding my Graves

My endo called me the other evening and I was really impressed as she knows that I am not keen on rai or a Total Thyroidectomy . She listened to what i had to say and at the end of the conversation she asked me how I would want to proceed . My T3 and T4 are in range as I have been taking my carbimazole since the beginning of Feb and prior to this I had 15 month course but then got re started . I told her that I don't want to go hypo as on diagnosis my t4 was 86 ( 10 - 26 ) . The lowest it went to was 11.4 and I detested it as I felt tired , cold and had hair loss and could cry at the drop of a hat and my mood was so low. I am usually bubbly, energetic and positive so I had a really hard time feeling that way .She has decided to keep me on carbimazole 5mg for another 8 weeks but I said I was worried that by that time I would go hypo and I asked if I could take 5mg every other day and she agreed . I hope this makes sense and I am pleased as I feel that she has listened to my concerns and also my reasons why I am against things . I honestly thought she would go down the rai or tt route as that's what she has said in the past and I was thrilled to bits with how I am able to continue with my treatment . I hope I haven't bored you all to death ! .

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So pleased you got listened to! My Endo ended up letting me do what I wanted as I had pointed out a few inaccurate things that she had told me.

My last dose before I came off Carb was 5mg every other day too.

Good luck and try not to stress!! :)

I am certainly not bored to death as we need more Endocrinologists who co-operate with their patients. After all, to have your thyroid gland knocked out is no mean feat with RAI or TT. It is different if someone has thyroid cancer rather than hyperthyroidism as then it has to be removed. :)


It's refreshing to hear of a good endo consultation/conversation. Well done in negotiating the dose reduction and getting your endo to listen.

Thank you for all your wonderful replies . I cannot rate this forum highly enough as it's provided support and a wealth of information . It has also encouraged me to be more proactive regarding my care .

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