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Hypoparathyroid - Blood and Cortisol (Saliva) Test Results - Expert views/opinions 1of5

Hypoparathyroid - Blood and Cortisol (Saliva) Test Results - Expert views/opinions 1of5

My wife has hypoparathyroidism (thyroid gland and the 4 parathyroid glands removed).

Between July 2016 and Sept/Oct 2016 she suffered from various ailments listed down below.

Attached are the Blood Tests and the Doctors comments (Blue Horizon Medical).

Any expert opinions/views...?




Joint pain

Muscle pain in legs

Locked shoulders

Tingly feelings in fingers

Pain in heels and ankles



Hair loss

Thinning of eyebrows

Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold


Brittle nails

Weight gain (after 2 years gym and personal trainer for 3 months)

Sleepy all the time

Mood swings



Facial hair

Sensitivity to certain foods i.e. Milk, Fizzy Drinks, Wheat

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The lab's doctor has commented on some of your wife's abnormal results. You can also refer to for reasons for high and low full blood count evaluations.

B12 is good but folate is a little low. Your wife could supplement folic acid or a B Complex vitamin which will contain folic acid.

Calcium and phosphate are within range. Does your wife's GP monitor vitamin D and PTH?

*Edit: I've just seen vitD result on your second post.

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Vitamin D was last monitored 24-months ago.

PTH - Her parathyroid glands were inadvertently removed at the time she had her thyroid removed.

So there is no PTH> That's why her temperature is always out of kilter - one minute she feels hot and the next she's feeling cold.



Your wife's calcium and vitamin D should be checked regularly as she has no parathyroid glands to regulate levels.

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