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Please help with private Lab results.. amongst the many of us...sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! :(

Please help with private Lab results.. amongst the many of us...sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!  :(


after many years of having thyroid problems, from hyper to now hypo! I decided to have a blue horizon blood test. Very quick, and easy with great response times if anybody is contemplating going private! i cant complain! I have attached a photo of my blood results. My thyroid has come back ok, and I can see I am low in Folate, but could anybody help with the interpretation of the other two in red please. what it means or what questions to ask.

I am due to speak to my GP tomorrow but after past experience I don't want to go in completely in the dark for him to fob me off and tell me I need some kind of mental therepy...again. :(

thank you for taking the time to have a look!

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You have autoimmune thyroid disease.

You need to get your TSH near or under 1, your FT3 - the active hormone - around 5.3 and your FT4 in the upper quarter of it's range. So if you are on levo you need a dose increase.

As you have autoimmune thyroid disease it is recommended on here to go gluten free. Be aware your GP will not know this and likely won't agree with it.

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You have low levels of ferritin, vitamin B12 and folate. However apart from the folate as they aren't very deficient you are going to have to self supplement them all.

However first of all I would see if you can get your GP to do a full blood count to confirm you don't have iron deficiency anaemia. Also if possible get your vitamin D tested. You may need to point out to the GP you have been ill so long that last summer you were basically housebound.

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thank you for your replies!.

by autoimmune thyroid disease, are we talking Hashimotos?.

I have been hyper for about 4 years medicated with carbimazole and propranalol, I have only recently been told after over a year of symptoms that I now am hypothyroid. I have been kept on carbimozol at a reduced dose. however my symptoms are not getting better.

is there anything you can suggest to help get my levels where they should be be?. Despite my symptoms my GP would still only test me T4 and TSH along with telling me Its all in my head and I have Anxiety disorder... do you have any advice on whether I can demand a blood count and vitamin D tests?.

I'm sorry for the questions, although I have had thyroid problems for a while, I think being so young at first diagnosis I was completely blind, maybe arrogant to the implications that are involved! I am not sure which way to go with it all!. thank you again x


Sammiejo17, Hi, I believe that your thyroid is in a pattern of burning itself out! this can happen with a lot of people starting off hyper then going hypo ! This happened to me, I started off hyper and everything in my body speeded up then suddenley boom ! Hypo thyroid appeared ! Anyhow you need to get your thyroid antibodies down and you should ask your doctor about levo thyroxine as this can work for people with hypo thyroid problems . I could not take levo at first so I took nutri thyroid and tyrosine to prime or feed my thyroid , eventually levo thyroxine started working for me, My TPO antibodies were over a thousand and now they are in the 300 400 mark, much like your TPO results ! Another thing you could do is look up The Thyroid Secret info by ISABELLA WENTZ the thyroid pharmacist she covera all aspects of thyroid disease including Hashimotos and looks into root causes, in other words , why these illnesses start in the first place !

Luv from CJ183


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