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8 yrs ago i would get the spins in my sleep. Dr dr and drs juat give me bppv. Two years ago i had two horribke episodes whike awake. Mri physios heating checks amd they says it was bppv. I see a chiro that specialises i vertigk and ever sibce i sae him i can sleep. Although i have ptsd from another attack even thouvh its been over a yr and a half in the clear but tinnitus is getting worse and worse roaring popping loud interchanging ringing in ears but mistly in left with fullness with feeling unbalanced like its about to happen but doesnt. Any help pls x i feel my body is falling apart

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We can help you with thyroid issues but you will do better to go to to discuss tinnitus or Méniere's Society to discuss BPPV.


I have had these as well and although I was told that a lot of people with a thyroid condition do have dizziness, spinning, tinnitus and an off-balance sensation sometimes, I've always found mine goes with a treatment from either an osteopath, chiropractor or cranio-sacral therapist. It can all be caused by tight neck muscles (back and side of neck) or an unstable neck as well as by problems actually starting in the ear. I have injured my neck and back in the past and always put it down to that, but it's also noticeable to me that a lot of people with a thyroid problem who also have a muscular issue seem to find the muscle issues more persistent, or need more frequent osteopathic etc treatments than others with the same muscular issues but no thyroid problem. A lot of people also report that such things as back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems improve once they're on an optimal dose of thyroid hormones. If you push your jaw forward or back does the tinnitus alter at all? Do you have a thyroid problem and do you take thyroid hormones?

Edited to say that I've just seen your other post about thyroid and ectopic heartbeats and I'd agree with other there that you're not taking the right dose of thyroid hormones. Once you are, you may well find that the dizziness and tinnitus either stop or can be better controlled by physical therapists.

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Hiw ro dral with rinnitus and the dizzys?? FRRAKS ME OUT AND SCARRD TO FLY.


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