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In casualty Friday night

Hi everybody ,

Last Friday night I ended up in casualty after blacking out at work and whacking my head in 3 places on a plate cupboard,the dr in casualty said it sounded like an epilepsy,but she said all results had come back normal including my Tsh which had been very supressed for over a year ,I think it's the levothyroxine . I have been reading about night seasures and I have been having these for the last year ,my husband woke me up once as I was breathing so strangly,I had pins and needles all over and felt really dizzy but thaught I can't faint as I am led down, I just went back to sleep.Any insights welcome Dr in casualty said she had never heard of anybody just developing epilepsy but info on the Internet says different.

Feeling tearful and a bit scared.

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Oh bless you I hope you have adjusted to the news now. You must have felt a bit shocked.

What does 'just developing epilepsy' mean for goodness sake, how do they think you get it? It is immaterial that you're being diagnosed now, you may have had this condition for a while and the symptoms haven't yet come to light because as you say you were having issues at night, or you may just be getting it now.

My mum was diagnosed in her 70s w hot water epilepsy after having a funny turn in the shower. I don't think her neuro thought there was anything out of the ordinary about her 'just developing epilepsy' but he did do a lot of scans and things to make sure nothing else was going on (and it doesn't appear to be anything more sinister). You may want to ask for a referral.

Do you know if you are optimally treated for your hypothyroidism? You say your tsh was normal (still suppressed ie normal for you or has it risen?) but it might be good to have a look at the test results if you want to post them. Maybe something will stand out.

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If you haven't already get your antibodies checked ASAP. Look up Hashimotos Encelopathy.

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