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Hi all.

I've just been told I have an over active thyroid. Second lot of blood tests done and confirmed but I haven't yet seen gp to discuss next move.

Really surprised, if anything I would have thought under but hey ho.

So, yes to lots of symptoms, but the reason my gp first requested blood tests was because my pulse is so low, it was 47. Now I do have low bp and low pulse anyway, always have, but shouldn't I be seeing an elevated pulse? I've also gained weight, but I've mostly put this down to stopping smoking 6 months ago. Certainly have a good appetite!

So, over active with low pulse??

Other things I've noticed, fluttering in neck/throat, dizzy, swollen ankles (long haul flight yesterday resulted in legs like tree trunks and stretched skin, thankfully gone down over night), tummy troubles...urgency to go, gritty eyes, itchy dry skin. Nothing else so far.

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Did you ask for a print-out of your results, so that you know exactly what they tested, and exactly what the results were? It's a wise thing to do, because doctors are prone to mid-diagnosing hyper, just on the basis of a low TSH. You need to see if they tested the FT4 and FT3, and if they tested any antibodies. If I were you, I wouldn't accept any treatment until you're sure it's the right treatment. Central hypo and the hyper phase of Hashi's, can be misdiagnosed as hyper by doctors who don't understand thyroid.


I haven't seen any results yet, tbh the results of initial blood test got kind of put to one side when I mentioned bowel problems and the gp sent me off to urgent clinic to get that investigated. By the time I saw bowel consultant my second lot of blood tests had obviously arrived and he'd just seen them on my notes, told me that my thyroid is over active and that was most likely the cause of tummy troubles. Still sending me for colonoscopy to be safe.

I'm grateful for any info as I know nothing about thyroid, any levels, well...anything really. Lots to learn!


Sorry to hear about your difficult symptoms. I'm Graves and even when hyper my heart rate is c.64 but that is elevated from a normal 52. I guess it's all relative. Each person usually presents differently and i believe weight gain can be an issue particularly when only slightly hyper. I agree with greygoose that you have a right to see your numbers and then also an antibodies test to see what's going on there. The tummy stuff is also normal with hyper, again i didn't get it so each different, but i believe it's common and resolves with treatment. Also it's worth examining link between gut and immune system as it could also be impacting your thyroid. So i always tell hyper people to Google Elaine Moore. She's a fountain of hyper and Graves knowledge. And know you are not alone!


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