My thyroid has grown back!! Have i special powers!!

I had a tt back in Aug 2007, Ive had a scan on Wednesday & the radiographer told & showed me my thyroid has regrown. I didnt even think this was possible!

I feel exactly the same as i did 10 years ago, tired so tired & sore ( i am sore anyway from nerve damage of TT)

Does anyone have any experience of a regrown thyroid?

thanks Sarah x

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  • MrsBargirl,

    Thyroid can regrow in Graves patients. Is it producing hormone or just being a lumpen nuisance?

  • my bloods have been normal so far well since January, so being a big lumpy pest!

  • MrsBargirl,

    Will you need another thyroidectomy?

  • im not sure....possibly. Have a bag packed already!!

  • About 15 years ago mine was found to have grown back again after a sub-total thyroidectomy for Graves while 14 weeks pregnant. So far, it hasn't given me any supernatural powers. I'd be quite happy to just have the power to feel good again. It has not changed the hormonal status at all.

  • yea powers to be normal again i would give anyhting!

  • The thyroid is like other organs and can regenerate itself do not worry.

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