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Looking for understanding Thyroid doctor in Nottinghamshire

Hi everybody, Can anyone recommend a good doctor that understands about Hypothyroidism. As with many others its like banging your head against a brick wall. Had it for about 12 years, am under working age dementia team through it as I'm only 53. But guess what!! all the symptoms of dementia but not found on the brain!!! Also fybromyalgia etc, etc.... Been on levothyroxine all this time, but want natural stuff as it doesn't work. Doctor says blood tests are fine but I know I'm not, I nearly hit one the other day through frustration!! Please help!! Thanks

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Well what has been tested and what are the results? HVe you asked for copies of your blood tests? You are entitled to see them and the doctor is entitled to charge a small amount for printing them off. Maybe look at the screen and take a photo.

If you dont know what has been tested, or where abouts in the range you are, you dont even have a starting point.

Other option is to get a complete thyroid profile done privately. Its around £100 and free t4, free t3, tsh and antibodies can be tested. Details on the thyroid uk homepage under testing. Http://




'Natural stuff' is natural dessicated thyroid (NDT). It isn't licensed for UK use so it is very rarely prescribed on the NHS. Most members using NDT have private prescriptions or buy on the internet and self medicate.

Email for a list of member recommended doctors. Establish whether they prescribe NDT before you confirm a booking.


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