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T3 or not T3

I was taking 3 tabs of Thyroid-S, which improved symptoms but not enough. When I took more that 3 grains I got palpitations. To get help with Chronic Fatigue, I followed my Dr's advice and went back to Levo thyroxin - 150mcg, which I feel no good on. Because it's marginally cheaper, I was thinking of buying T3 from a stockist in Greece to supplement the T4 in Levo.. Some kind person on here told me that 3 grains of Thyroid S is equivalent to 27mcg of T3 - cant remember how much T4 is in it without looking it up. Perhaps the content of T3 in thyroid S is not as consistent as the synthetic version.. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? The synthetic T3 comes in 25mcg tablets.


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3 grains Thyroid-S contains 27mcg T3 and 114mcg T4 which is equivalent to 195mcg T4. Why would the T3 in Thyroid-S be less consistent than Liothyronine (synthetic T3)?

Did you have a FT3 blood test when you were on 3 grains Thyroid-S? Perhaps more than 3-grains over medicated you.

We would need to see your thyroid results (including FT3) on 150mcg Levothyroxine to be able to advise how much T3 to add.


Why do you add the T3 to the amount for Levo? I thought Levo was only T4? Which means at the moment, I'm on 150mcg of T4 and that's it.. Less consistent because its a from an animal - I don't know how the make it..

I will find the test results and get back..


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