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I'm curious what people make of resveratrol and whether anyone has any experience of it. I am concerned by the mention of its possible estrogenic effect. That phrase usually has me running in the opposite direction, but I am curious about its antiinflammatory properties.

I would much prefer to get mine from red wine, but I have given up alcohol. The things we do for our health. ;)

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I'm sorry you've had no replies. Type "Resveratol" into the Search function top right to see if there have been posts about it.


Ta, Clutter. I did just that and found a sub-thread between two posters. I contacted one via PM because she mentioned the very same supplement I was recommended. Thyroid UK is such a great resource! That said, I had already decided against using it. I just don't think the research is there and the mere mention that it could have an estrogenic effect is enough to put me off, regardless of its anti-inflammatory properties. To those who can and are inclined, I would recommend a good glass of red. Cheers.

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Resveratrol is recommended by Dr Datis Kharrizian in his books "Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms, when my Lab Tests are normal" and, "Why isn't my Brain Working", as one of the most important natural compounds for autoimmunity, along with curcumin, both of which have powerful anti inflammatory properties.

He is a leading neurologist and researcher into the gut/brain connection and it's link to autoimmune diseases. He lectures post graduates but his books are very readable to the layman.

He suggests starting dosing slowly.

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