High TSH before IVF?

Hello everyone,

I need your help! My bloodwork came back with a high TSH (7.93). I have been put on 112 mcg of synthroid. My ivf treatment starts in 2 weeks. I'm really scared of a miscarriage ☹️

I've been through 3 miscarriages and mostly because of me being hypothyroid. Please can anyone tell me if I should go ahead with ivf right now, because we are using all of our savings😌

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  • Personally I would leave it until your tsh comes down. That will most likely take 6-8 weeks and even then it may not come down enough. Ideally tsh needs to be under 1. Do you know what your ft4 and ft3levels were with ranges? Both need to be in the upper part of the range. Also have you had your antibodies checked? Is it possible to delay at all? Also make sure your folate and ferritin levels are good. I had 7 miscarriages due to being hypo so I totally sympathise x

  • waste of time going for ivf with levels like that

    defer any thoughts of getting pregnant until your TSH is below 1.0 and your freet4 and free t3 are near top of their ranges

    please remember thyroid problems are hereditary

  • I agree.

  • I would definitely suggest getting your TSH level down to about 1 or even lower before going through IVF. While you are doing that, also get your ferritin/iron, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D checked. Low levels will make any pregnancy harder.

    Low levels of magnesium should be avoided as well - they are common in people who are hypothyroid. Be aware though that magnesium testing is very unreliable. You could supplement about 300mg - 350mg of magnesium a day.

    Please do your own research though.

  • You would most likely get pregnant and carry fine without IVF to be honest. I am 36 weeks now. You obviously can conceive ok like I could it's just you can't sustain the pregnancy if your thyroid levels are not good x

  • Thanks everyone for the responses!

    I understand that my TSH is high, but I may not be able to delay my ivf treatment as we were getting it done in another country.

    Is it possible that the doctors can maintain the TSH level? Because I was reading and I read that some women had high TSH levels before starting ivf and then doctors maintained it.

    Thanks so much


  • I don't think anyone can say what your IVF doctors will do. I doubt they all work to exactly the same rules and regulations. It is possible that they won't treat your hypothyroidism, but instead will expect you to get it treated by your normal doctors. But I don't think anyone can say for certain with the information you've supplied.

  • I just wanted to add that I've been on synthroid for over 19 years now. My TSH level was 1.5 in November when they had tested but now in March it's 7.93 🙁

  • You need to really get all your levels checked first as anything going on could be causing the raise in tsh. Could be that you are not converting well or that your antibodies are raised or both or that your ft4 has dropped. All these things are important but impossible to say what is going on without these results. Any medication changes will take a while to show in your bloods or to have an impact on your hormone levels. If you are in the uk I would strongly advise getting a diy blood test from blue horizon or medichecks to see what's going on there.

    Speak to the clinic though and explain, it may well be that they would rather delay before going ahead.

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