Secondary Hypothyroidism

Hi. First time posting. I have been told I have secondary hypopituitism now, most likely caused by Sheehans Syndrome. My original diagnosis was hypothyroidism 11 years ago after the birth of my son. I have other pituitary/hormone problems that are coming to light also. Has anyone else here got Sheehans? Or had their diagnosis changed so long after the original diagnosis?

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  • Magzie,

    It's not really a change of diagnosis because you are still hypothyroid. It simply explains why you are hypothyroid. Primary hypothyroidism is due to thyroid failure and secondary hypothyroidism is due to pituitary dysfunction. The pituitary dysfunction was caused by the blood loss you had (Sheenan's Syndrome) during the birth of your son.

  • Do you mean hypopituitarism?

  • I guess I now have a diagnosis of hypopituitism which is the cause of my hypothyroidism. However, rather than keep trying to lower my thyroxine it has now been increased as the TSH is disregarded and the T4 and T3 are used. If I understood the endocrinologist correctly.

  • That's good. He sounds a good Endocrinologist.

  • She is very good. She actually listened to my whole story and didn't shut down after 2 mins having made up her mind already.

  • That's exceptional, I believe. If you email her name she'll put it on her register of good doctors.

  • Can you PM me with their name? In need of some recommendations. Thanks

  • All my lot have secondary /central hypothyroid and iresult of Sheehans

    I have to assume its genetic the real difficulty is getting diagnosed as its considered rare and hence they seldom even think about it

  • I meant it not a result of sheehans in my lot

  • Have you had a cat scan , to check if you have a tumour on your pituitary gland ,my husband had one ,it was easy to remove and he no longer had any problems. not saying you have one but it would be worth checking,doc said it's very common . good luck

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