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T4/T3 Combination Treatment, Swollen Fingers?

I'd like some advice please. I had been on 200mcg of Levothyroxine and not seeing any real benefit. Last Sunday I reduced it to 100mcg of Levi and introduced 25mcg of T3 spilt in two, one half in the morning and one half in the evening. I think I've noticed a slight improvement but don't think the dose is enough. My fingers appear swollen and a little tight, am I on too little or too much T3?x

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I'm no expert of adding T3 to T4 but have you had your Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin tested? They are good for thyroid and general health and most of us find we are low in such things as they need to be optimal. They also help conversion which I think you are suspecting. Have you any recent bloods with an FT3 reading?

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I take 150mg of Levo and 10mg of T3, works for me. !00mg of levo sounds a little low, try 125 or maybe 150 if that dosen`t work. You drop 25 levo for every 10 of T3 that you add. I am 69 and maybe not as active as you.


People often report that they feel a short lived improvement when stopping Levo (I know you haven't stopped but you mad a big reduction), also I know from my own experience adding T3 can be a little rocky for the first week and you only really feel the improvements once your body adapts and that could be 2 or so weeks after starting the new dose.

You've done a big switch all at once, so it could be tricky to really know right away what is the cause of how you feel. It also takes a week for the Levo to work itself out of your body so you most likely won't be feeling the full effects of the Levo reduction for a little while longer.

As for the swollen fingers I don't know, haven't had this experience myself, but too much T3 normally would give you a racing heart, palpitations, you could get sweaty and overheated, feel nervous/anxious, over energetic, moody. Are you experiencing any of those?


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