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Greetings from Nicaragua

Good afternoon,

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism four years ago, probably being suffering since 15 years or so. The thing is that when I was diagnosed I was only told to take Euthyrox every morning and that was all. Nothing else was given to me as recommendation or eating instructions and it was last January when I found out how important nutrition and diet is for patients like me. I'm here hoping I could educate myself in this matter and get better health and quality life. I also need to say that I feel like this is a life sentence for me and my ignorance about hypothyroidism plays a very dangerous role in my life.

Thank you,


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Welcome to the forum! If you look on the Thyroid Uk site who run this forum you will find loads of useful info that you may not know about. If anything you want to ask about then shout out as I'm sure you will get things explained.

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Thank you, I will do so. I'm just trying to to deal with my diagnosis but the lack of knowledge makes it hard for me. I'm glad I'm here!


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