I take 100 mcg thyroxinand 25 mcg. This time my 25 mcg is a different brand called PLIVA manufactured in Croatia. It has a binder called mannitol which was not listed in my usual ones. Anyone taken these before and did they get side effects please. I seem very sensitive to medication. Have spoken to chemist and they say they have to have what they are given.

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  • If I understand, that is what it says on the Patient Information Leaflet? But the outer box says New Formulation Teva?

    The PIL says that you MUST NOT take this medicine if you are allergic to levothyroxine or any other ingredient.The pharmacy should accept that you are or might be allergic or intolerant of one or more ingredients. What would they do if you had a serious side effect? They would not be the ones to suffer or to have to pick you up and treat you.

    I have been trying the 12.5 microgram tablet - and I have to say, I am not convinced they are good for me.

  • Sylvia22,

    You don't have to accept what your pharmacy dispenses. If they can't, or won't, order the make of Levothyroxine you prefer ask for your prescription back and take it to a more obliging pharmacy.

  • Thanks for the replies. I will call inand have another word with them.

  • Sylvia22,

    If you've taken the Levothyroxine out of the pharmacy they may not agree to exchange it and you may have to withdraw future prescriptions if they don't have the make of Levothyroxine you prefer.

  • Does your head in doesn't it.

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