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Iodine and hyperthroydism

Has anyone had any experiance with iodine and hyper I was stupid enough to try and climb over a 6 ft fence when I locked myself out and ended up falling and ripping my leg open on a rust nail I had to have lots of stitches internal and outside the wound was washed out with iodine however the stitches failed and wound has reopened I was. Looking up why wounds won't heal and there was under wound healing bhs managment not to use with thyroid disease is this only if you have Hypoparathyroism

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I didn't know iodine shouldn't be used topically to clean wounds. Ingesting iodine can reduce levels of thyroid hormone which is why it is usually contraindicted as a supplement in hypothyroid patients and some hypothyroid patients have had adverse reactions to iodine in Mri contrast dyes. Iodine has been used to reduce T4 and T3 in hyperthyroid patients. Hypoparathyroidism is under performance of the parathyroid glands. It has nothing to do with the thyroid gland.

I hope your would heals soon.


Thanks clutter the iodine was applied directly to the wound because of rust I think wound was very deep and needed several layers of stitches I was just intrested as it came up under wound treatment think my wound is not healing due to width of wound and loss of skin that was ripped off feel really stupid should of known better as a 55 year old with weak leg muscles


An Inadine dressing (with iodine) helped me get treatment started.

I'd been tested for several years, each time I went to the surgery complaining about aches and tiredness.

Then I had an accident, clambering over a stack of stuff in my shed and dropping down in a tight space, gashing my leg against the handle of a bucket.

I had the wound dressed a few times and then the Inadine was suggested. I was asked if I was hyperthyroid: Nope.

Now I was in the system, a health check appointment was arranged. My blood pressure was through the roof and while in hospital I was again asked if I was hyper and my TSH tested: over 14. Subsequently it must've dropped due to the iodine and my leg oedema improved, but the low point for my TSH wasn't caught by the next blood test, by which point it was back on the way up, 5.3, and 7.4 for the next.

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