Air hunger and palpitations ?

For the last few weeks I have been waking up about five in the morning with the above .

This morning I woke up bathed in sweat scared that I was having a heart attack .

For some reason it's always around five and I can think of no logical explanation . If I goto the G.P I know that I will be given beta blockers or some such .

Any ideas please ? Pp

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  • It's very distressing for you. I am not surprised you were scared so ask your GP for T3 to be added to your T4. Also ask for FT4 and FT3 to be tested also (before you take T3) and I do hope he prescribes it. When all these strange symptoms arise, we wonder what the blazes is happening - after all we are taking thyroid hormone replacements and we don't expect all of these weird 'extras'. The following is informative:)

  • shaws thanks for the reply .

    I have been taking NDT for the last ten months so I wasn't thinking it was anything to do with that .

    My last thyroid test ,all three , was pretty near perfect so I am at a loss especially as it starts approx the same time each night .

    I will look at the link . Thanks .

  • Have you started taking anything new ie a supplement? Or taking something at a different time to usual? A new food?

  • SF , there's nothing I can think of , and I have no vitamins or NDT after lunch .

    My pulse is 116 when I wake up and oxygen around 92 .

  • I think a B12 deficiency can cause air hunger and palpitations. Have you had yours tested lately?

  • I get b12 jabs every couple of months and supplement also .

    My reading is usually between 1800 and 2000 , which is obviously not correct


  • Some sort of adrenal rush?

  • Thank you SF .

    Will have to go back to the drawing board .

  • Blood tests can be secondary. When NDT was the only replacement there were no blood tests and we got sufficient to relieve all symptoms.

    It is clinical symptoms that's of more concern and maybe you aren't yet on an optimum dose. Link below which may be informative:

  • Will look at this shaws .

    Maybe I will try a 1/4 increase and see what happens .

    Thank you .

  • Sleep paralysis?

    'Genetics and sleep deprivation are a major cause of sleep paralysis,[1] and it has also been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea.[2][3] Sleeping in a fixed supine position increases the chance of sleep paralysis. The underlying mechanism is believed to result from disrupted REM sleep, when there should be a general inability to move muscle to prevent the sleeper from acting out their dreams. About 8% of people experience sleep paralysis at one point in their life.[4]'

    Like you say when you finally wake up you are having a full out anxiety situation. Your oxygen sat score is low though. Why is that?

  • Hi gabby , my stats seem to be low when I am asleep . In the daytime it is around 96 .

    I use an inhaler for asthma so my breathing is never top notch.

    Interesting theory tho I am not sure how to overcome that .

    Thanks for your reply .Pp

  • Have you discussed this with your respirologist?

  • No gabkad it's only been the last few weeks .

    I will make an appointment . Here it's called the asthma nurse lol .

    Hope you are well ! Pp

  • Ask your GP for a sleep study. There are centres based in hospitals all over the country. You'd be supplied with an oximeter and chest straps linked to a box of tricks to use overnight at home.

  • Sounds fun SBT . I will bear that in mind if it persists .

  • I had this quite badly for several years before starting THs, & found it scary as well as making me very tired & unable to get back to sleep. Now it's less severe & infrequent.

  • Hi Leverette , what TH's do you take ?

  • NDT & T3, but I've take both independently. Better sleep was one of the benefits when I reached a therapeutic dose.

  • I've had this for most of my adult life. I am aware I'm not getting any air and I am ripped out of my sleep and heart is pounding. I suspected sleep apnoea and have basically just lived with it. There was a time when it would happen every other night and I would be swimming in a pool of sweat with my earlobes full and pillow drenched but that doesn't happen anymore. I don't sweat at all in my sleep anymore for the last 2-3 years no matter how hot I get and I regularly wake up feeling like i've been cooked. It rarely happens now, a few times a year at most.

    The heart pounding is the adrenaline which is released to force you out of your sleep.

  • Thanks mrpenguin that pretty much describes it .

    Glad you're feeling improved . Do you know what has made a difference ?

  • I have been experiencing this too, in the run up to being diagnosed hypo. Not the gasping for air, but certainly the waking suddenly with an adrenaline pounding heart and pools of sweat. I have been seeing an acupuncturist weekly which has helped to calm me and it's much more infrequent now and the pounding heart has all but gone.

  • What puzzles me is that it happens at the same time each night ( or morning ) as the case may be . I go to bed between 10 and 11pm and it always occurs about 5am .

    Thanks for your reply .

  • Hvae you checked your B12?

    I used to be like this, it all stopped when I started taking B12 & a B Complex


  • Hi , yes I supplement b12 and b complex , and have 8 weekly jabs .

    Thanks for the reply .

  • Are you menopausal? Or just hitting menopause?

    Those symptoms could certainly fit. Early waking, drenched in sweat, palpitations, breathless.......middle of the night adrenaline surges.

  • Haha Joesmum , long gone the menopause .

    I didn't have sweats with that at all .

  • Well at least that rules that out!!😃

  • And Good Riddance to that say I .👏

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