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Help for a newly "diagnosed"

Hi there, new to this forum and new to the thyroid world!

It's been suggested that I start Levothyroxine as recent blood tests have shown abnormal TSH levels. I'm not 100% certain of my results as my docs have been trying to sort out my dangerously low haemoglobin levels. The thyroid issue has been put on a backburner. I'm due to go back for further test results soon but doctor seems adamant of the outcome.

My question is whether its possible to experience Hypothyroidism symptoms if it's JUST TSH levels that are abnormal? I have a few of the symptoms not sure if other factors are to blame.

Any advice greatly received!

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Welcome to the forum, Lucylovesgin.

High TSH indicates primary hypothyroidism due to failure of the thyroid gland. You can certainly have quite debilitating hypothyroid symptoms when TSH is high with T4 and T3 in normal range. Ask for a printout of your thyroid results and ranges (the figures in brackets after results) because where in range the result sits is as important as the result.

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Thanks Clutter!

Some days I feel like I'm losing the plot because my brain just doesn't want to play ball! Add to that the changes in mood, etc etc. I'm "glad" that it's a possibility to have these symptoms.




I know what you mean. Having a diagnosis also means that there is likely to be a medication to help with symptoms.


Blood tests should be the very earliest possible (fasting) and if you were taking thyroid hormones you should allow 24 hours gap between last dose and the test and take them afterwards. This gives us a result which may prevent the doctor from adjusting the dose or diagnosing us as TSH is highest early a.m.


Thanks Shaws. The last test I had (awaiting results) was a full screen but they didn't mention fasting. It was an early morning test though. Will this make a difference?


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