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Up and down

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Hi all, first post for me 😊

I was diagnosed with graves about 5 years ago - picked up by a routine blood test, I was asymptomatic. Put on 20mg of carb for a while and I went in to remission. Last year I started feeling unwell, anxious, tired etc and bloods showed I was very hyper. I was put on 20mg carb again and 4 weeks later (a month ago) I was a bit hypo. Carb reduced to 15mg by endo. Somewhere during the last few months I felt quite good for a few days but now I'm back to hyper symptoms again. Next blood test in a couple of days.

Is it normal to swing back and forth like this? Endo is suggesting radioactive iodine. Any thoughts?

Relatively healthy 53yo bloke.

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Hi cantenor it can be tricky to get dose at correct level sometimes. I would think very carefully before having Rai as once done you can't go back, it leaves you hypothyroid so you are on levo for rest of your life. I had it done 7 yrs ago and have regretted ever since.


I've had graves for well over 6 years. I am on block and replace and haven't had to many problems. I've been told I will stay on it for the rest of my life.

I have refused rai as one day hopefully they will find a cure and I will no longer need the meds.

It took a while to settle down but I consider myself lucky as reading on here really opens your eyes as to how awful people feel.

I am on 100mg thyroxine and 10mg carbimazole.

I have an appointment next month when hopefully I will be reducing both meds.

Have you ever considered the block and replace method ?

Everyone is individual and understands there body much better than the endo's who only see you once in a while.

I'd try anything before losing my thyroid. Good luck and hope everything settles down.

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