Should I avoid dairy and eggs with hyper / graves?

Hi all,

I read somewhere that dairy and eggs affect the function of the thyroid so if overactive they should be avoided. Is this true? Does anyone have any info / advice on this?

I'm hyper again and back on a low dose of Carbimazole. Have been gluten free for 5 years which has helped, but I live on eggs!

Any advice much appreciated.


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  • Eggs and dairy are a source of iodine which is required for thyriod hormone. Stopping these will not control your hyperthyroidism in a predictable way and may cause problems as iodine is used in other organs. You should not eat kelp which can contain very high levels of iodine.

  • Thanks, that's helpful and also what I wanted to hear! I don't use milk any more anyway as I can't tolerate it well these days but butter and eggs are my staple diet as I follow low carb high fat which seems to work for me.

  • Hi Mantz123

    You might be interested in viewing the following.

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  • Thanks PeteRad. I am reading lots about eggs and dairy affecting hyperthyroidism and I am really keen this time around to do the most I can to support my recovery.

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