Can anyone shed any light or help, diagnosed with under active thyrio, started on 50 mg I have now been increased twice now 100mg.

I am ill constantly aches and pains swollen glands, always cold, tired, no energy I work full time have three kids and look after my disabled mother I was always a very active person, I have been ill for years treated for all other symtoms of under active thyroid when my medication was upped I felt good for a few days then caught yet another viruses can anyone let me now if this is normall and will it ever get better.

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  • Sorry you're not well. Do you have a copy of your test results and lab ranges? It might help you figure out what's going wrong.

  • I will check that next time, my gps is very dark ages they do not appreciate you being pro active about your owen health.

  • You're not the only one. :-(

    You're entitled to your results. If it is easier you can ring the surgery and say to the receptionist you'll be coming in to collect a copy of those thyroid results, when would be a good time to do that? The gp may need to rubber-stamp it so it could take a day or two but you should be allowed to have a copy w minimal fuss.

  • Sadly yes what you are experiencing is common





    vit d3

    been tested because unless all 4 have levels at least halfway in their ranges

    your body is unable to convert T4 levothyroxine into the t3 that every cell needs to function

    I doubt 100 mg will be your final dose

    Most women are on 175mg or even 250 mg everything depends on how your body responds

  • Thanks iam going to ask my GP to test these.

  • When did you start taking Levo, and when did you get your dose raised?

  • Started medication about 6 months it's been raised after every blood test.

  • I am on the same roller coaster, I was diagnosed March last year started on 25mcg levo and increased every 2-3 months, now on 125mcg. I always feel a measureable improvement about 7 days after a dose raise and then it gradually tails off so i count the calendar til my next test which reveals not only have my numbers not improved they have gotten worse! I am not even in the 'range' at the moment which knocks a bit of the arguement out of them.

    I can only suggest you do what I did which is insist on the minimum time between tests (6-8 weeks) to try and get ahead of the issue rather than keep playing catch up. I got 8 weeks this time but if numbers not improving I am going to badger for 6 after my test next week.

  • Thanks for your reply it's just good to know that this I'd kind of a normall and I am not nuts or a hypochondriac.

  • This is a very common story, you're far from the only one and not a hypochondriac. :-)

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