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Results and symptoms

I had my test for my thyroid again and it came back ok.

I told my gp of fatigue, irritability, chest pain, breathlessness just general unwell.

Ive read that having hypothyroidism can effect certain organs in your body.

Why is it that the doctors assume just because your results show ok that the rest of your insides affected are ok.

I said to my gp about this and she said....well your results are ok at this time so your chronic indigestion (which i suffer bad from) is not from your thyroid...however ive read that hypothyroidism affects your gi tract. Why dont they check all this out for you?????

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Hi Flojo,

What doctor's say is OK means they like the results, usually the TSH test falls within what they call 'normal'. Even so, you may be feeling really unwell. Could you post the results of all the tests you had done, with the ranges (the number in brackets) i.e. TSH 4.2 (024 - 4.2), so that you can be given some decent advice.


What other tests has your GP done for you in the last 6-12 months?

Have they done:

- a full blood count

- your vitamin B12 levels

- your ferritin levels

- your folate levels

- your vitamin D levels?

As if you have stomach acid problems it is very likely you aren't absorbing nutrients from food and this means any thyroid hormones you are taking won't work properly even if you are adequately medicated.

So if you have had these tests then I suggest you get a copy of the test results and post them on here in a new thread with the test results and ranges.

Doctors say stuff like your iron is "fine" or "normal" when in fact your ferritin level is at the bottom of the range so it isn't surprising that you are breathless, tired and lack energy.

Always always get your test results with ranges as NHS doctors especially GPs often miss things that posters on here can clearly see if you can't see them yourself.



I request a copy right now.


its utterly vital that you get tested fir

thyroid antibodies


free t4





vit d3

without all of those no one can tell whats going on

given your symptoms i suspect either

helicobactor infection


low stomach acid

low b12 / pernicous aneamia


Im hypothyroid... Im on 125mu now for it.

My gps don't seem interested in doing those tests...


Your GPs need to understand that hypothyroid simply cannot be treated solely using TSH

Unless they test

free t4

free t3




vit d3 theres no way anyone can find out if you are correctly treated or if your vitamin levels are correct and allow the body to actually utilise the levothyroxine

You need to start to understand hypothyroid yourself and always get actual results and then you will discover why your not well


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