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Lumpy optic nerves... yes both

So opticians last Saturday resulted me been sent to the eye hospital, after been told I have lumpy optic nerves, both eyes and due to regulations changes opticians they have to refer me.... so off I trot, upset worried and well 'cacking' myself... sorry...2hrs at eye emergency clinic with similar and a few more tests, then be told I could have been born like it but I need an ultrasound on both eyes this week to check further.... I only need reading glasses and distance is good, field test good too...

Anybody else had this happen? Am I panicking over nothing 🙈

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Well, it seems to be something called Optic Disc Drusen (strange name). But by the looks of things it's not ridiculously uncommon. See what you make of this - but it doesn't sound like you need to panic:


Thanks Jazzw, just got freaked out & everything I read was confusing or wow lol... waiting for my appointment, which has to be done within the next few days


Eyes are precious as we know but eye clinics are very good at getting treatment when you need it not months down the line like some departments. So the speed at which this is happening is how it works, not that it's something going terrible wrong. My son is a clerk in one and speaks of how quickly people are seen and how efficiently they run so you will be in good hands.


Nerves need the myelin sheath to protect them. B12 is involved in this process. do you have good levels ? Also VitD is involved in the health of the eyes - again good levels needed.


I have been through something similar! The optician said my optic nerve was swollen, so I was sent on to the eye department at the hospital. Lots of very uncomfortable drops and testing. I think I did have an ultrasound, as there was definitely ky jelly involved.

They concluded that is just normal for me. I'm pretty sure it's thyroid related, as I've had glasses for years and not had anything similar. I'm going back for new glasses in the Summer, so will see whether there are any developments.

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