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Hypo nightmares

Hey all! I am so glad that I found this community. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was in my mid 20's. I have never been a fan of doctors, white coat syndrome. Therefore, for yrs I was off of my medication, Levo. Well, I just got up the courage to get back to the dr to get my thyroid tested and to get back on my pills. New NP so I had to start over. She put me on .25. It is doing absolutely nothing for me. It has been so long since I have been on the medicine, yrs, that Idk what dose I was at but I know that it was more than this. My question to all of you is, has anyone been told that they have ascites? My NP Is certain that it is because I drink wine. I have always had fluid build up in my abdomen, due to my thyroid. She is insisting that this can't be from my thyroid. Lately though, it seems like there is more. Could this be because I was off of my meds for so long? When I got my levels tested I was ridiculously low. Anyone else have this problem?

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Hi! If your GP is using the word ascites to describe your swollen tummy and questioning your wine intake she suspects cirrhosis and you need tests to confirm or dispute this. Hypothyroidism causes bloating, fluid retention, which is a different thing altogether. You need to go back to her and, maybe, honestly assess your wine intake. My best wishes to you.


Have you any bloods you can post and the ranges so we can see what is happening to your thyroid?


I had similar and had various scans/tests for years. No one could find what was wrong.

After research myself it turned out I had Hashimotos so needed a gluten/casein free diet. Hey presto no swelling, bloating, retention! Give it a whirl you never know.

Also get your thyroid antibodies tested then that will show Hashimotos or not.


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