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Hi I've been on 20mg of carbimazole and 100mg of Levo ( block and replace for Graves' disease)

My levels today after 5 months have come into range

Tsh 0.84 and t4 18.4. My question is why do I still feel so crap! My brain fog is the worst it's been I'm forgetting how to work my phone and close family names and I feel totally exhausted. Do I need more levothyroxine? I want my head and body back!!

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Could you afford a private blood test to check t3? Medichecks have 15% off this month (I think the code is MED32 or similar-you'll find a link to it on this site). That will tell you how much of the t4 you are converting. Then post results here for advice.


My last t3 was 3.5 in Jan that's been in range so I think they stopped testing it!


Could you post range for that test?

I think that result seems very low. I know when I felt very ill my t3 was 3.9. Someone on here said for good conversion ratio t4:t3 should be 4:1. Yours iindicates possible poor conversion of t4 to t3.


You need to post ranges (labs round the country differ) to see where your levels are.


Ok so t4 range 12-22 mine 16.4

T3. 3.1 - 6.8 my last in Jan was 3.5 they don't test this one now as it was in range a couple of times



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