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Is this extreme pmt or thyroid issue??

I've been getting what I thought was extreme pmt, horrendous mood including rage, depression, total worthless feeling. Only thing is I've noticed it's starting about 2 weeks before my period is due? Can you have pmt this long?

I'm hypo and autoimmune thyroid, my cycles have lengthened from about 23 days to 27 (well anywhere inbetween depending on the month) so tbh I'm suffering for quite a lot of the month. It's getting awful, to the point I'm destroying my relationships.


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I get exactly the same thing! Here is my first post about it:

It seems to be getting better, I am more in control then I was a few months ago. Have you had your estrogen/progesteron levels tested? I have been taking ndt+T3 for thyroid, progesterone cream for estrogen dominance and have been on the candida diet for a couple of weeks and that has brought my adrenalin levels right down.

S x


Just read your post, yes totally relate.

No not had those tested yet but going to push for them.

I'm on 100mcg levo currently but will be altering in the next couple of weeks after an endo app.


the other thing I would say is the microbiome solution. It seems to have had more of an effect on my mood then most things!


exactly the same. half my cycle from ovulation onwards. Hoping mine will improve with being optimally medicated. You are not alone...


Yes mine seems to be post ovulation too. Lovely


Thyroid issue.

Periods e.g. your fertility is effected by everything whether it is thyroid hormones, lack or low levels of vitamins/minerals, whether you are stressed etc.


I'm very stressed these days, vicious cycle though as feeling shit is stressing me out. Being well would sort that!

Something has to change.


Unless you are trying to conceive, going on the pill would stabilise your hormone cycles and make things better. It certainly is worth a try.


I considered it but GP refuses whilst sorting out thyroid and actually I've never really wanted to go back on since having my son 3 years ago. I had been on it for 16 years and I'm now 36.


You could also try a Mirena coil. I had similar problems to yours, was on the pill for 16 years as you were, then had a coil fitted after my daughter was born and this was also very good. Now on HRT!


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