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Hey everyone.

I'm just curious, has anyone here who has struggled with weight loss from hypo/hashi tried Orlistat and if you have how did it go?

Did you have to buy it yourself or did you get it prescribed by your doctor?

I came across some threads on some other thyroid support forums with people stating they had lost lots of weight using Orlistat.

I don't think I would get that much benefit from it myself as I don't eat a lot of fatty foods anyway.

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If you are on adequate levels of thyroid hormone replacement, it should become easier to lose weight healthily. Do you have any recent blood test results, including FT3, if you post them here people will be able to tell you if you are adaquately replaced.

You NEED good fats to have a healthy weight loss. Things like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, good quality butter. A low fat, high sugar diet can be bad for your health. I have lost weight eating all of the above, but cutting down on carbs.

I personally, wouldn't touch this drug with a bargepole!

UKMi Interaction between Orlistat & Thyroxine - Surrey and Sussex ...


Thanks for the reply.

Over the years I've done quite a lot of reading/research into dieting & training. Before the lead up to being diagnosed hypo I was always really lean so I'm fairy confident my problem with weight loss is not through lack of dieting/exercise or knowing what to eat/not to eat.

As far as meds go I've tried it all, I've been right up to 275mcg levo (under doctors guidance) with no positive results as far as weight loss is concerned.

I'm now currently taking NDT with some extra T3 and I currently feel spot on apart from morning headaches. I've also been over medicated on these which did result in some weight loss but still nowhere near how I used to be able to lose weight before becoming hypo.

Supplements wise I take lots, ferrous, b12, b-complex, d3, multi vits, selenium, cod liver oil, potassium and also LDN , there may be a few other things I take but I can't think off the top of my head without getting everything out lol.

I went for blood test yesterday which was supposed to be just TSH but on the slip I received through the post there was an option to tick a box for FT3 so with a bit of luck in the next few days I'll hopefully know what my current FT3 levels are. I'm expecting my doctor to also request I drop my dose as well because he doesn't know I'm taking T3, I'm guessing my TSH will be suppressed.

I would also like to have my RT3 checked at some point but I don't have much confidence in my doctor going for this..

I wasn't putting any serious consideration into taking Orlistat, I was just curious to see if anyone has had any success with it.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant but I thought I'd just get my info out :)

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I have the same problem getting FT3 tested at my surgery, (or any other useful blood tests!)

Adding extra T3 to NDT is what is working at the moment, I'm hoping that it keeps working because I have tried every combination with little success!

Here's hoping we all feel and look fabulous soon!


Hi, im wanting to take T3 but my endo wont even give me a blood test. I asked if I could trail T3 & his reply was I'd only feel better for a couple of months then id be back to square 1. I said Id rather feel better for a couple of months than feel like this forever! He stared at me blankly!!! Im well aware this is all down to cost. Did you manage to convince your gp/ endo to prescribe T3? Any ideas where I could get any on line? Im that frustrated and feel like no one is either listening to me nor cares that Im willing to srlf medicate if I have to 😷


My GP and Endo won't prescribe T3 or NDT. They won't test Free T3 unless I pay for that test. The labs point blank refuse to test anything but TSH and sometimes Free T4.

The only way to test your Free T3 seems to be either


If you want to find out about T3, it would be better to create a new post and then members can advise you by private message.


Thank you for getting back to me. yes, Im sorry for personally messaging you, I didnt realise what I was doing.


This isn't a personal message, this is the main forum. I know it is a bit confusing.


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