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Dr refused T3 test

Hi, I was diagnosed hypothyroidism 12 years ago and am now up to 200 levothyrixine each day. I am a personal trainer so really work on fitness and nutrition but I still suffer with low energy, REALLY struggle with weight , feel cold and tiger symptoms. With this in mind I asked my GP to run a T3 test and she said tge NHS would nit let her book it. Have others found this? If so where do I go for a private test? I live in north London

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Soverall That's about right. Even when doctors do request an FT3 test, it's generally the lab that decides if it is done, and then only if something is drastically wrong with TSH or FT4.

Best thing to do is order a private test through Blue Horizon or Medichecks, probably best to do as part of a thyroid bundle rather than just FT3 on it's own. If you want to see if you are converting T4 to T3 well enough then you'll need FT4 and FT3 done at the same time.

Testing details

Medichecks have 15% off until 24th March, details in that link.


Hi Soverall

I recently had exactly the same response. Asked at the GP for a test of my t3 with my usual test and was told he'd ask but it was unlikely to be done as 'they' don't like doing it. Not sure why the labs would have a choice in the tests they run or just GPs passing the buck ? Don't trust mine and in the process of moving. Good luck with your road to wellness.


Research from several different researchers suggest that a combination of T4 with T3 works best.

Levothyroxine is T4 only and converts to T3. T3 (Liothyronine) is the only active thyrod hormone required in our receptor cells (our brain contains the most).


Yeah just pay for your own and shove the results up their nose 😀

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