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Ferritin Level 32ug/L ?? twitching/sob/dizziness

So, this is a long story…..

For 8 months i have been getting very storage symptoms…i will list them in order

1. Vertigo (two spells of this, never had it before)

2. Twitching all over my body, jumps from place to place, painless and lasts a few seconds in each area.

3. Extreme joint clicking/cracking all over my body(again painless just irritating)

4. Nerve pain in the ends of my fingers (intermittent from week to week)

5. ANXIETY (i have had this all of my life its now exacerbated by my health worries)

I was finishing my degree and was under a lot of stress (I'm a anxious person anyway) and all of the above started in that particular order now today and yesterday i feel short of breath, not as in i can't catch my breath or talk but have a heavy chest and throat and i also feel quite dizzy, i came on my period 2 days ago so I'm wondering if this is related as i have low ferritin?

I have been to the doctors about the twitching and i am waiting for a neuro appointment (I'm very scared so please if anyone thinks its anything debilitating or life threatening please don't comment because i physically can't take anymore worry).

can my symptoms be due to my levels? everything else seemed okay on my results and my feritin was dismissed as a problem - the range was 13-150. I am also vegetarian.

Im also a newly qualified nurse and keep jumping to the worst diseases possible. please someone help me x

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Welcome to the forum, Charlotte1089.

Have you had thyroid levels, calcium, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested? Please post the results with the lab ref ranges if you have.

Twitching can be due to hypocalcaemia. If calcium hasn't been tested ask for it to be done.

Nerve pain in the fingers may be due to B12 deficiency. Vegetarians and vegans should supplement methylcobalamin because B12 isn't available from plant foods. If B12 hasn't been tested ask your GP to check it along with folate.

Ferritin is optimal half way through range or around 70 - 100. You can supplement iron with 1,000mcg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation.


Hi Charlotte 1089,

Do you think you have a problem with your thyroid? Are you on any thyroid medication. It would help members if they knew a little more and there is nothing on your profile.

To get a better idea about your blood tests I would either edit your post or start a new thread with some more details and with all your blood test results and ranges so members can comment.



Twitching, spasm and cramp can be caused by a few common deficiencies. It's worth trying the following first before wasting your time getting neurology appointments that will probably just brand you as anxious.

1) Low iron.

It isn't just legs that twitch with low iron, any muscles can. If you have a ferritin level of 32ug/L, and assuming (something I shouldn't do) that the reference range is roughly (15 - 150) most of us on here feel best when ferritin is around 80 - 100. Some people go as high as 120. Don't go higher than that. If the reference range is different then the numbers I've given will have to change. Prescription-strength iron supplements can be bought online or in some pharmacies in the UK without a prescription. If one pharmacy won't sell to you try a different company. Do some searches on this forum for info on ferrous fumarate 210mg and other iron supplements. Iron is poisonous in overdose. Regular testing is essential.

2) Low magnesium. There are no good blood tests for magnesium. Just supplement it. Make your choice from these links and take about 300mg magnesium per day. Since it can make people a bit sleepy take it in the evening. Magnesium citrate is a mild laxative. You might find this helpful. If you don't try a different form of magnesium.:

3) Low potassium. It isn't a good idea to supplement this. Do a google search for potassium-rich foods and incorporate a few into your diet every day.

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very good advice


If you are low in magnesium you will have twitching like this but it appears you may have several a good blood test of d3, ferritin serum, b12 ,thyroid tsh ft3 ft4 antibodies....etc....any one of these or a combination can make you go down hill and will only get worse without proper diagnosis...


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