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Soo Cold at night

I just want to know if anyone else has experienced this and advice:For the last few weeks, not every night, I feel as if my body temperature drops and my ability to control/regulate/stay comfortably warm about an hour before I pass out(I have insomnia)and I keep my house temperature at 24degrees C... my skin gets goosebumps, I am completely chilled, teeth chatter(sometimes),piles of blankets and even a hot hot shower can't warm me.. has anyone else experienced this? I have hypothyroid hashimotos and I take 200mg of synthroid. I am completely gluten/wheat/corn/potato/spy free along with all of my other allergies

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Yes, in early days my husband fitted extra heating in bedroom because he couldn't bear my freezing hands and feet. Internal shakes have been mentioned on the forum without definitive cause, mine come on any time of day or night and are not pleasant. My daughter bought Yuyu long hot water bottles, they are so fabulous they warm your very core. My best wishes to you.


I used to use two double sheepskins (one to lie on and one to wrap around me) and two winter weight duvets. The sheepskins work very well as they keep your temperature more stable and I didn't overheat with them whatever the weather. The two duvets and a heat pack meant that I was nesting rather than using a normal amount of bed clothes. But it worked for me. I am now on the correct dose of NDT so have dispensed with second duvet and now need lighter nightwear but the sheepskins are my constant companions. For me once my bloods were better on NDT the unrelenting cold started to ease.


Many people think mostly of the blankets and/or duvets, eiderdowns, etc. and ignore the mattress. Some mattresses have little more insulating effect than the bed of a trampoline. Others have a good layer of wool. That layer of wool makes the mattress comfortable in a touch sense as well as massively impacting on warmth. Somehow it is also very acceptable on warm to hot summer nights.

That is what I sleep on - and have never slept on anything better. (Certainly not memory foam, etc.) Unfortunately, they are not cheap - but not at the very top end of prices.


Hello Renegade_muse, this may not be of any help but I've just discovered a way to keep warm at night after years of being cold whatever I did and wore. I bought a 15 tog duvet, an inexpensive one, from a well known store that I'll email the name of privately if you wish. I've had high tog duvets before and the last was a super-warm wool filled Scandinavian one but this one is far, far better - I even push it off my upper body sometimes to cool down!

Also, I drink hot tea before going to bed and if I wake in the night because I know that hot liquid directly into the stomach is used to help warm up animals suffering from hypothermia.

It feels so good to sleep through the night instead of waking up cold.

Best of luck.


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