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Hey guys/gals

Just a quick question, I've been diagnosed by the doctor with subclinical hyperthyroidism and I'm currently waiting to see an endocrinologist but there's something bothering me, i can't seem to get aroused!! I'm a male, 24 and have an amazing girlfriend, she's beautiful, caring and is always there for me but I've noticed it takes me longer to get going, I've never had this problem before and I'm worried incase it ruins the relationship. I've spoke to her about it and she's really understanding but it bothers me. Has anyone else came across this problem before?

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According to a study including a small number (16) of hyperthyroid men, there's an increased incidence of erectile dysfunction: issm.info/news/sex-health-h...

However, there can also be increased libido.

I hope your GP is aware of the contrariness of these conditions' symptoms, and helpful. You should have your blood pressure checked.


It's important to tell your doctor and put across the impact it is having. This will help them diagnose and maybe priotize your appointment.

I dislike the term 'subclinical' hypo or hyper-thyroidism. Whether a condition is clinical or subclinical can only be determined by whether the patient has signs or symptoms. And of course if a patient has gone along to the doctor they either have signs and symptoms (and so it is clinical not subclinical) or they have gone along for a chat. Endocrinologists say a thyroid disorder is subclinical if the TSH is outside its reference interval and fT3 and fT4 are within their reference intervals. (TSH stimulates the thyroid to produce the actual thyroid hormones T3 and T4. Mostly these hormones are bound to proteins, it is the small 'free' portions that matter - fT3 and fT4. A reference interval is where the middle 95% of the healthy population lies.) Defining whether a condition is subclinical by the results of a blood test is scientific nonsense.

Following on from the above, what are your symptoms? Do you have your blood test results? If so please post them here, if not ask your doctor for them. Doctors will say you have subclinical hyperthyrodism if your TSH is low (usually below 0.5) and the fT3 and fT4 figures are within their reference intervals. However, these results could reflect hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism - depending upon your symptoms and the actual levels of fT3 and fT4. Sometimes coexisting conditions or things like severe stress or depression can cause the TSH to be low. So it's important to know the full picture.

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I dont have my blood results but they said my tsh is low but t3 and t4 are in range, my symptoms are heat intolerance, I'm not putting weight on neither am i losing it but i do eat quite alot, my memory seems off for example i find it hard to recall information or conversations aswell as following a plot to a film and not remembering what happened at the start, i can't really focus my eyes too well especially at night (don't know if that's related), my sex drive used to be very high but as i stated i find it quite hard to get going now, my left ear feels blocked and uncomfortable (again don't know if it's related)


Heat intolerance and increased (?) appetite are hyper symptoms but it would be well worth your time getting a copy of your blood test results along with their reference intervals. You are entitled to these but a friendly request is normally successful.


I'll go and get them and post them on here, it wasn't until a doctor wrote to the endo regarding my bloods i was diagnosed if it means anything i haven't long gotten over a vitamin b12 deficiency


I got the blood results but all it has on it is my TSH level which is at 0.16 the range is 0.27 - 4.90 again the t3 and t4 are in range but i don't know what their levels are.


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