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Anyone tried naturethroid then found a different brand was better? Which one?

Hi all. I had terrible problems with levo and eventually got an endo who gave me ndt. I've been having hot flashes every night and can't tolerate any heat. Endo says to try different brand and see if it works better. Love to hear from anyone with similar experience on naturethroid and whether they found a different brand better and if so which one. Thanks everyone. X

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I have hot flushes I go to bed and can be really cold then a while later I'm hot and sweaty.At work I'm opening windows. I'm on Levi but I'm on Hrt which I take every other day .My thermostat is definitely broken tho .I can't be outside in the cold long either.


That's exactly the words I used to the endo. I felt my thermostat was broken! Whilst it's not quite a panic attack when I get too hot it's not far off as it's just so intolerable.



Have you checked that FT3 isn't over range since you switched to NDT.


Yes had test last week and t3 was 4.6 (range 3.20-6.80). He said t3 was causing the heat and ordinarily would add t4 given ndt has more t3 than the human thyroid but as that (t4) was 12.6 (12.0_22.00) and I struggled so much with t4 as levo he didn't think that would work. My tsh for completeness was 0.02 (0.27-4.20). I'm beginning to think it's me and for whatever reason I just can't process any of it properly..... Sigh 😥



You're not over medicated.

Is the over heating purely since you've switched to NDT?

Hot flashes can be due to menopause and/or B12 deficiency.


I had hot flashes on levo. Exactly the same - in the evening only. When I dropped the dose to 25 mcg and lost all the side effects this included hot flashes though they were the last side effect to go and took about 5 weeks (end July time) whereas the other side effects went in about a week.

The night hot flashes didn't start again till end November when I was on 1 3/4 tablets ndt. That's also when I started to feel too hot every day and was wandering round in strappy vests when everyone else had Woolies and fleeces on! I started also to get really intolerant when I felt hot - like if I walked into a shop with my thick coat on and it was hot I really felt uncomfortable and panicky. And I'm really not generally a panicking sort. Couldn't wait to strip off as it's so uncomfortable

I dropped down to 1.5 end December and lost the feeling of running too hot in the day. But I still have evening hot flashes (9pm till the early hours, not in the day)

I haven't had the heat intolerance before so that'd new to ndt. If you recall clutter I got really I'll on 50 mcg levo as I couldnt tolerate it. On 25 mcg I had no side effects but it wasn't enough for the thyroid stuff. I'm taking 1.5 tablets ndt now and that's what the bloods are on. This is why I'm thinking it's just me!


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