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Thyroid survey results

All those that joined the newsletter and updates emailing list will have had their 3 emails or the results. If you haven't had these emails pleas fill out the link below.

Note when you complete the form you will receive an email asking you to confirm your request .f you do not click this link you will not be added. Thank you everybody that took part in the surveys.


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That must have been an enormous amount of work but I'm sorry to say that the results of the survey are too hard for me to read and make sense of the way they are presented in the emails.


I know, but that is the way it is presented to me without paying rather a lot to get it better, ( I only paid for 1 months subscription at the lowest rate as I have no spare cash). Hopefully some will help me to make bar graphs or such to make them easy to read. I found all the results made me even more angry about the current medical disinterest in our disease and lack of motivation to look at how to improve our symptoms.



I'm sorry to be critical of what you have achieved especially as I wouldn't know where to begin to make it into a presentable document.


I am going to try and do something about this at the weekend. My son is visiting for his birthday so maybe he will know what to do :-)

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I dont take it as criticism, I know it is hard to read, I have struggled for hours with it. I think you may fin it easier is small bites lol. It will in time be condensed :-)


I have had a couple of messages about not getting the survey results.... so...

Hi I got so many email addresses that I would not be able to send individual emails, so I organised signing up on an aweber form, unfortunately if you did not do that before this morning ,you wont get them(yet), you can fill in the registration form now and click the link in the email you get. This will guarantee that you will always get the updates on what I am doing , and I will also send out the survey results individually to anybody that signs up from lunchtime today forward later this week.

If you filled the aweber form but haven't got the email to click the link, please check your spam box. They are sent out within 2 mins of submitting the form.

Hope this helps :-)


suep1 Oh what a taft dart I am - didn't think to check my spam! Thank you ;)


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