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Any London doctors who prescribe NDT?


Having read about the side effects of Levo and not particularly enjoying being on it myself, I am really interested in the apparent benefits of taking NDT - natural dessicated thyroid. Does anyone know of a London (or even UK) doctor who prescribes it? I would rather try and take it under some form of supervision than ordering it online and self-medicating if possible.

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NDT isn't licensed for use in the UK so it is rarely prescribed on the NHS. Some private doctors will prescribe it. Email for a list of member recommended endos and check with their offices whether or not they will prescribe NDT before you confirm a booking.


NDT does help quite a lot of people who don't do well on Levo. But it doesn't help everyone. There are some sites on the web where I think NDT is over-hyped as a miracle cure-all. There aren't any thyroid hormone products that can be described as that.

Some other possibilities to try :

Levo + T3

T3 only

Or - rarely used I think, but works for some : NDT + T3 or NDT + Levo

The reason I'm posting this is because some people get their hopes up so high about NDT that they are absolutely devastated if/when it doesn't work. I'm trying to keep hopes realistic.


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