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Help with a blood test - Not thyroid related

Does anyone know if UI OMS is the same as IU/ML when running and Anti DNA

My ANA was Positive so they then run an Anti DNA which said 25 with no reference range and was measured in UI OMS but if its the same as IU/ML ?

If so Im positive on that as well but I can not find out what UI OMS means or if its the same as IU/ML

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I've never heard of UI OMS. You could try posting this on lupus UK since anti-dsDNA is a test for lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Also, might be helpful to post a photo of the result sheet (perhaps you are not reading the results correctly?)

Have you asked your doctor to explain your results?


Got an email from my doc and answer was Yes, they are the same thing, so >10 is positive for both UI OMS & IU/ml - So I had 25 so I am Lupus Positive, Plus a positive ANA. It explains a lot as I have had terrible symptoms in addition to my Hashimotos (highly positive TgAb) so have now moved over to the Lupus forum to get some help

Doc said:-

UI OMS is French for units internationalle Org. Mondial de la Sante (our WHO). titre > 10 Ui OMS : Positif )

Usually anti-DNA antibodies are reported in IU/ml (international units per ml)

≤4 IU/mL Negative

5-9 IU/mL Indeterminate

≥10 IU/mL Positive


So that means you've been diagnosed with lupus or are they doing further testing? Typically, you will now get a full rheumatological panel, physical exam as well as urinalysis to check kidney function.

Have you been prescribed any meds? Hydroxychloroquine is typical.


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