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T3 question

Hello, I haven't been on here for a long while, I have had some complications with my liver.

My liver function tests are being coming back abnormal (and getting worse each test) and I finally had an appointment with the liver consultant at the hospital this week. Some tests and examinations revealed that he thinks I have Fibrosis, but he wants to do a liver biopsy.

My questions are -

Does anyone know if Liver Fibrosis could affect my thyroid, or my thyroid tests? Or my medication effectiveness?

Does anyone know ( I have recently started adding T3 to my Levo) if Liver Fibrosis affect the T3 medication, as I haven't noticed any difference in my symptoms.

Does anyone know if any of this would affect my weight? I have put a lot on (mainly around my torso & face/neck, and it keeps going up.

And finally, do I have to tell anyone before my Biopsy that I take T3? I was so taken aback by the diagnosis that I didn't mention it to anyone.

Thank you so much for any help you can give, I am very confused and really, really scared. Thanks again.

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I have an autoimmune liver condition so know a bit about it. Fibrosis 'just' indicates liver damage it isn't a diagnosis in itself. The biopsy will hopefully show what the underlying issue is.

You will have an appointment with a nurse before your biopsy where they will ask about any meds you are taking and will ask about things not prescribed. Many meds etc need to be stopped for a few days before a biopsy so I would mention it then and they can advise.

There is a good Health Unlocked forum for the British Liver Trust if you need further advice on the liver side.

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I have a vague memory that the liver may be involved in conversion of T4 to T3 .

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