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Management of goitre

Hi all,

Back in 2011 I, aged 34, noticed my neck was slightly more swollen on the right side. I went to Dr and she wasn't concerned but referred me for an ultrasound. I was told as a result of that I had a diffuse goitre with multinodilar and microcystic change (whatever that means!). The consultant told me just to keep an eye on it, to occasionally check for lumps. My doctor also gives me a thyroid blood test each year. All my tests have been normal and I require no real treatment.

I just wondered if anyone else is in a similar position and what follow ups you have. Should I be asking for ultrasounds regularly for instance? Will my goitre get much larger (hasn't grown in 6 years) and am I likely to get a thyroid condition eventually? Have never given it much thought, but after reading about a case of thyroid cancer recently in the news it started me thinking, which is not good as I'm a complete worrier at the best of times!!

Thanks for reading!

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If you feel your goitre hasn't changed and you don't detect any lumps it is highly unlikely you will have any malignant nodules. I don't think regular ultrasound scans are done unless there was something which needed monitoring.

If your thyroid levels change this will be picked up at your annual thyroid test.


Ok great. I thought so but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for replying.


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