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Strange question but can carbimazole cause pain in the liver area? I've been getting an uncomfortable feeling there and if I had to guess it almost feels like something is either in the wrong place or enlarged. I've literally only just put 2 and 2 together and not sure if I've got the right answers.


Diagnosed with graves 2013 and put on carbimazole. In remission 2015. Reappeared July 2016 and back on carbimazole until March 2018 apparently

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  • Hi samspam I would go see your gp as carbimazole can effect the liver, if you look on leaflet that comes with tabs I think it's one of the side effects.

  • Thanks for your reply. They didn't want to switch me last time 😕

  • Samspam,

    You should see your GP for a liver function test because Carbimazole can raise liver enzymes. If you are unable to tolerate Carbimazole your endo may try Propylthiouracil (PTU) instead but that may also affect liver enzymes. If you can't tolerate anti-thyroid drugs you may need to consider thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine ablatement (RAI) to destroy your thyroid gland.

  • Thanks. I told him last time that I didn't feel great on the carbimazole but they seemed to think it was better to stay on it than try PTU. He didn't think my problems (fatigue,muscle pains,muscle spasms, forgetfulness amongst others) were linked to the carbimazole so I was told to stay on it. They are trying to push me into RAI but I don't really want to be hypo forever. Such a tricky illness 😔

  • Samspam,

    PTU is a second choice drug because it can also raise liver enzymes but it is prescribed to pregnant women and people who are unable to tolerate Carbimazole. If your liver function isn't good on Carbimazole it is certainly worth asking to try PTU.

    The symptoms you list are related to hyperthyroidism rather than Carbimazole.

  • Hi samspam surly they should do a test on liver function before deciding to stay on this drug. When i was on carbimazole the endo told me if it causes any problems with liver I would not be able to stay on it.

  • Thanks. I don't think I've ever had a liver function test the whole time I've been on it. I'll request one and take it from there.

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