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Hi 12 months ago went to doctors with pain in Rib, X-ray done multiple collapsed vertebrae degenatrive wear lower lumbar, now large thyroid


Hi, I attended my doctors 12 months ago with severe pain in my rib, i informed doctor that my blood results in the past has shown renal failure but then went back to normal. Sent for an X-ray result was multiple collapsed vertebrae degenatrive wear of lower lumber and osteophytes throughout spine. Referred to consultant, contrast CT done lesion on left femur found, diverticulitis, nodes swollen in chest several 5m also Bulky thyroid. Blood test shown Beta 2 microgobulins present. History my father had non sectorial by the time diagnosed he was terminal. On return appointment my consultant said my bloods are good and he can say I havnt got myeloma but can't say I won't have myeloma, I questioned him about the lesion and the swollen nodes in my chest ? He said not his area and i need to be referred to consultant orthopedic surgeon.

Returned to my doctors she said it was good news I asked about referral to orthopedic surgeon she said my back is to bad to be referred and asked me to see a chiropractor, I attended Chiropractor, who looked at my X-ray and reports and said he can not touch me and asked what consultant I am seeing I told him that I am not seeing any consultant or have anymore appointments.

He said I have to many unanswered questions I asked him to feel my neck as I think something is swollen but I have had enough of doctors and I am not going back to doctors ever again, once he felt my neck he said no it's not in your mind that I do have a large lump and that I need to go back to my doctors.

I returned to my doctors once she felt my neck her attitude changed very quickly I explained I wasn't going to come back as I feel I am getting know where, she said my Thyroid is very enlarged she said something is going on and she said she will get to the bottom of it. I informed her that she told me this 12 months ago and that I have gone from being in full time employment to being unemployed and on DLA. Doctor apologised and said she was not happy with the consultant, I told her I wasn't either as he didn't even exam me he just looked at my bloods I explained to him that my bloods keep going up and down.

I am now awaiting ultrasound scan of thyroid, full body isotope scan, referral to consultant orthopedic surgeon and loads of bloods and urine.

Frustrated annoyed and just waiting, 12 months on and no diagnosis still being investigated.

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Welcome to the forum, Ziggs.

If you post the results and ranges for any thyroid blood tests your GP has done we will be able to advise whether you have thyroid dysfunction. The ultrasound scan will measure the size of your thyroid gland and will show the condition of the gland including goitre, nodules or cysts, if any.


Thank you, in the process of setting myself up on line with my doctors so I can access all my results, thank you


Hi clutter, these are my results if you would have a look I would be grateful,

I have a lot of things going on but when I first found the lump on my neck I thought I was imagining it,

Is there any other blood results that I should look at ? As I had everything done.

Serum TSH level0.15 uIU/ml

Serum free T4 level11.6 pmol/L

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