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I'm considering suggesting my son to go to see Dr Jens Rohrbeck, I have noticed a few posts on here which ask the same question and I'm guessing replies must be messaged privately? Can anyone recommend him or someone else around Bristol please? We've had the tests but previously saw someone in London, which proved expensive and a bit of a trek. We've since been trying to work it out ourselves with some very helpful advice from a knowledgeable contact. My son is a bit fed up, he' s hit another glitch, we've spent a small fortune on vitamins to support adrenals, and he doesn't want to keep "trying" only to not get results, so I'm keen to hear others recommendations please.

Thanks in advance.

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I know of two people who have seen him and are happy to recommend him.


Thank you. That's reassuring.


Hi, I've been seeing Dr Rohrbeck for the past year and found him to be very helpful. I have thyroid and Adrenal issues. I would definitely recommend him. Getting an appointment is quite difficult but worth the wait.


Thank you. Are you feeling better? It's so sad that so many people can't get the same understanding and level of care from mainstream medicine.


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