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Thylexan advice please

Hello, I'm self treating with T3. I am seeing improvement (on quite a high dose though) After about 4 months I've tried three types. 1st one was great but horribly expensive. 2nd one was terrible. 3rd one & the most used one thus far, is affordable ish but I've had horrible acne on my back & shoulders mainly, but elsewhere as well, since using uni pharma. Has anybody tried Thylexan? If so how effective has it been & have you had any side effects? Are the pills pretty consistent in their efficacy?

Thanks in advance. 😊

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Thylexan isn't widely used on the forum but there are posts about it in the link below.

You should try it for yourself as Uni-Pharma isn't helping you.


Thank you 👍


What brands have you actually tried?


First was sodium liothyronine from Perigo

Second was triyotex don't have packet so don't know who makes it.

And I'm currently taking made T3 by uni pharma.

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