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Blurry grey eye

I've seen on this other people who have the same problem as my husband just did last night. He is in the hospital since yesterday. One eye was half blocked from a Greyish color. He is having a part of his one eye black out! He is in the hospital now and they have run tests like crazy! He hates a deal that's a full body X-ray and he freaks out when he is put in this X-ray machine! They are going to give him meds that will hopefully knock out the uptight big time panic. He has to have his head x-rayed! This just started with his eyes yesterday. They have done all kinds of stuff looking for something that will tell them something that's going on! I'm scared to death ! I read other people's story's that sound just like his! They cannot figure out what it is!!! Please help!!!!

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I'm very sorry to hear about your husband's eye. I'm not sure anyone here will be able to help as we are a forum for people with thyroid and adrenal problems. I do hope your husband's doctors will be able to help him.

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Eyes can be affected by LOW B12 and VitD - both need to be near the TOP of their ranges and not bumping along the bottom - which Docs seem happy with ! Often the simplest things are missed.

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