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Hi all,

For the past 3 weeks I have started to experience an odd eye problem. I wear glasses but thats about it really regarding eye problems. I can only describe it like this .... most of you might have seen any TV programs about Northern Lights ..how the light travels in the sky in ripples and waves. Mine is like that but its a haze from one side to another in a ripple and wave like. When it started I took off my glasses to see if they were dirty etc but nothing. Its really irritating. I saw my GP and then went to optician who examined them thorougly and everything was ok. I was given some 'fake tears' drops just in case I had dry eyes but they do nothing. I wonder if any of you good people have ever had anything like this ? Much appreciated :o)

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  • Sorry no, I have very dry eyes and need to use artificial tears all the time, get blurred vision and also get an after image sort of effect, get a weird headache caused by my eyes aching but I don't get the 'northern lights' effect you are getting. Give the artificial tears a good go, put them in frequently throughout the say and keep using them even when you improve (I always stop when my eyes feel better - big mistake) Try and get artificial tears that don't have preservatives in them too - ask your optician he will know of some that are like that. x

  • I've had this. I think it could be connected to aura migraines.

  • Suggest you type "migraine aura" into Google, and choose "Images". Lots and lots of images of what people report they see during migraines with auras and, indeed, many other visual oddities. A good wander round the results - and the better sites - will most likely allow you to narrow down the possibilities.

    I have had a couple of migraines with aura - and no pain. Very odd experience because my only previous migraines were very uncomfortable/painful and were accompanied by nausea.


  • I never had a migraine but heard how horrid they are. I'll start narrow the possibilities now as getting more and more replies and so glad I am not alone.!! Thank you very much.

  • This is a typical symptom of hypo. My sister describes it thus 'its like a heat haze, like looking into the distance over the engine or a car or through a rippling curtain of heat.' It never gets picked up by the optician and doctors just add it to the other 'fantasy' symptoms they believe we come up with!! But it is very real. It won't be permanent, it will come and go, mine's worse in the early morning.

  • This is it !!! Just like a heat haze, I got it right now as I type. I am so glad I am not the only one and not going mad. Thank you very much :o)

  • Wow...I am having very similar problems with my eyes, I didn't know it could be related to hypothyroidism.

    When I look into the distance as I am driving and for instance, see a church steeple, I see two of them .. Like a shadow effect, the same with road signs too and mobile phone masts, in fact just about everything is shadowed. My optician says that my vision is fine though he thinks my tear film is breaking up. I also get that shimmer type effect as tho' looking through a heat haze...everything has a wobble then settles, thought I was the only one!

    This would fit in with all my many symptoms as I have had a diagnosis recently of sjogrens / UCTD. Perhaps you have other things going on too?

  • I haven't been diagnosed with Sjorgens but optician told me to get fake tear drops. I haven't got any thyroids so yes I have been 'classified' as Hypo..its a one thing after another isn't it. So glad though that I have found other people with this as when things 1st start they can be alarming and you start to think the worst case senarios. Many thanks for your reply :o)

  • Visual disturbance can be due to thyroid eye disease which needs to be treated by a specialist.

    Bestbuddy if you are having double vision you should not be driving. You should inform the DVLA. My sister was not allowed to drive her vision was impaired.

  • Thanks for your advice but my optician says it is my tear film breaking up and NOT my vision...it is mostly distance that affects me although it can happen with near vision. He has given me corrective glasses to sharpen it up...some days it is fine and others it it troublesome...the glasses help

  • My husband gets the odd attack like this its a kind of ocular migraine and it does seem to be another problem of hypothyroid no matter how well treated you are

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