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t3 to ndt

Hi ,well I have taken 12 days to reduce and replace my 40 mcg dose of t3 with 1 and a 1/2 grains of WP NDT. Taking I grain at 0800 and 1/2 grain at 1400.I feel soooooo bad.May have done change too quick.Do you think things will settle and improve.I was hoping NDT would solve my problem.My Hashimotos suddenly got with new and worse symptoms after 16 years on levo ,my reuglar levo was withdrawn from the market and went hyper on new make and never right since.On mp make of t3 which did help but still really ill. So this is my last chance on NDT.At the end of my tether today as if this does not help,there is nothing else I can do to make myself well again.My life is consumed with struggling with feeling ill all day every day,it never lets up.DR cannot find anything else wrong .It feels as though I have knackered my thyroid and all my cells are all over the place in a constant washing machine .Help.Sorry for being a Diva today ,just feeling extra bad.Must Buck up.

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Usually, when switching from one thyroid hormone to another you can do a straight swap-over you don't need to reduce. However, sometimes one NDT might not suit - I had to try about 4 before I found one that was good for me. So don't give up too easily. I know some do split but I've never done so and I'll give you a link for explanation:-


All info on this page is good but the one dated January 30, 2002 is self-explanatory.

Also give your body time to adjust from the direct T3 to the slower NDT.


Hi - NDT has a large proportion of T4 so it will take up to 6 weeks to feel the real benefit of that. Meantime your cells will not be getting enough T3 so you will feel a lot more hypo. I am not an expert on NDT and don't know at what speed you should raise, but any blood results from your earlier meds might be useful in indicating roughly how much you should expect to be taking. DId you ever get to optimum FT3 levels on T3 for instance or were you maybe still under-medicated? How are your B12, vit D, folate and ferritin? If you give results with ranges, then people will be able to give better advice.

Gillian xx

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