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Could it be celiac

Hi, i've been wondering lately if i have celiac diease, my symptoms are...

Weight loss - find it hard to put weight on.

Extreme fatigue

Easy bruising

Constipation / Diarrhoea [not all the time]

Indigestion / sometimes I get this weird feeling under my left ribcage like something stuck under there so horrible

Nauesa / loss of appetite

Shooting pains

B12/Folate D.

I have no history of it in my family as far as i'm aware but I've had every test under he sun, I don't know what else it could be. What do you think? Thanks

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Symptoms could be due to gluten intolerance so ask your GP to test tissue transglutaminase to rule out Coeliac Disease. You must continue eating normal amounts of gluten containing foods in the six weeks prior to the blood test or results will be false negative.

It isn't a very accurate test giving false negatives and false positives. Whatever the result the best way to see whether symptoms are due to gluten is to cut out gluten 100% for a few weeks or months and see whether symptoms improve and then become bad again when you reintroduce gluten.


after the test has been taken uts easy to see if your ceoliac ,,,,,simply ensure that not one single morsel of wheat or gluten enters your mouth for 3 months

that includes having separate chopping boards ,knives etc from others who do eat gluten


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