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Different symptoms in winter, thyroid or something else?


I have had an underactive thyroid for around 8 years.

I saw an endocronologist in early 2016 who upped my dose of Levothyroxine to 75mcg from 50. I have been feeling so much better, less tired, not getting colds all the time, sleeping well etc.

However, both this winter and last winter I have had a series of symptoms which last year I'd originally put down to being on too low dose.

Symptoms include:

Feeling thirsty and drinking a lot more water but still not feeling I'm hydrated

Waking up in the night and needing the toilet (but still being fairly dehyrdrated)

Tingling tongue and dry mouth

Sometimes feeling pins and needles in my hand during the night

Night sweats (although I generally feel the cold during the day)

Fitful and lighter sleep

Feeling like my eyes are pushing against my eyelids (which I assume could be the start of bulging eye symptoms)?

Could it be that my dose requirements change between the seasons or something else? I have to take extra vit D and iron but didn't seem to have any other vit deficiencies.


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Lots of people do need more in the winter, yes.

But, how is your vit B12? Do you have a result for it? Some of your symptoms sound like less than optimal B12.


Yes B12 tested fine a few months ago and I did wonder about that too. I actually thought some of my symptoms sounded more like hyperthyroidism! Perhaps my B12 (absorption) goes down in the winter months!


Do you have the actual number for the B12? Or just your doctor's opinion?


Hmm good point. I will see if I can get them. Thank you.

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