Dancing ruined me!

Hi All,

So I went out for the first time in a VERY long time dancing, eating and having a few (probably too many) drinks on Saturday night. We had a baby sitter and we were free for a night!

It was such a fun night at the time.

However - It has totally utterly wiped me out. I feel foul!

I literally feel like I have zapped myself of all the energy I ever had. My brain fog is unbelievable - I am so scatty today even writing this is complicated!

Can one night of fun make me take so many steps back - feels so not worth it now. :(

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  • Absolutely, yes. It can. :(

  • God. How depressing!!! X

  • I didn't say it always will. But, at the moment, as you are not on your optimal dose, it very much will, because that level of activity uses up your T3, which you cannot easily replace. And it's lack of T3 that wipes you out.

  • OK thanx. The thought of a life with no dancing is too harsh!

    This does lead me on to one more question (sorry).

    Last week I started the 'couch to 5k' Nhs running thing. Is this a bad idea?

    I'm gaining weight rapidly and feel so unfit and foul. I feel great last week and the gentle running made me feel more positive but after Saturday night I'm broken....

  • I'm afraid I have no idea what that is. But, just the word 'running' rings alarm bells.

    I very much doubt that 'thing' is aimed at hypos, who have their own unique problems with exercise. And, it seems to me that no matter how gently you start, at some poing you are going to find yourself in the same position (flat on your back?) as you have after the dancing.

    You are hypo, on T4 only, using up your T3 too fast and unable to replace it as easily as a non-hypo. And, you have to adapt to that, or suffer the consequences.

  • I thought this was going to be the answer 😢

    My weight gain is freaking me out. So is my tiredness. I want to ask my Endo to put me on T3. I don't see why I should wait, say another whole year to then be put on it. T3 is clearly what I need so why can't I get it?? I know I sound like a brat but I don't want another whole year of my life to go past like this.

  • Because endos - for the most part - don't believe in T3. If she'll put you on it, all well and good. If she won't, then you'd have to buy it yourself.

    But, be warned, we now have an extra problem in France. The law was changed last summer, and it is now illegal to import prescription 'drugs' without a prescription. So, you'd have to find a source in Europe. And, they are getting harder to find.

    But, why do you think T3 is what you need? Sorry, I can't remember your labs. Are you a bad converter? And, even if you are, and you do manage to get T3 from somewhere, you still have to go slowly. Nothing is going to happen over-night. You have to start very low on the T3, and build up slowly.

    Also, if your endo is anti-T3, as some of them are, she might refuse to continue treating you if you start self-treating with it. And, as your TSH will become suppressed when you start taking T3, she will know there is something odd.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't take T3. I'm just saying you can't go barging round like a bull in a china shop. You have to take baby steps. Ask for T3, by all means, but you might have to put up a good argument for it. Do you have a good argument? I don't think she'd accept the fact that you just want to go out dancing. :)

  • Haha! I thought dancing would be the perfect argument!!

    Because isn't it all about having a good level of T3 for everything to be working properly?

    I just feel like I'm going on a very scenic route to get my T3 at a good level. To me it seems crazy I have to keep upping my T4 (which takes ages I know) to get my T3 in a happy place. My head says just bypass the T4 and get straight to the issue of T3. Does that make sense?

    I did but some T3 from Greece and it's sat in my draw on advice from everyone on here. I'm not one to self medicate unless I TOTALLY have to. I know I'm not at that stage yet. It's just all so frustrating.

    Do you think if she gets me on the right dose of Levo that everything should just slot into place? As long as I convert enough T3 this is a good route?

    It's hard to see the wood from the trees when low. And Ive totally ruined myself from the weekend.

    You think if on the right Levo dose things like going out and having a boogie are possible?


  • Do French endos like T3?

  • On the whole, no, they don't. They are just as uneducated as British endos. And if yours doesn't like it, your only argument is going to be bad conversion. But, it's too soon to know how well you convert. You've only just started on this long journey.

    But, if you are a good converter, then yes, you'll be fine on levo only. Lots of people are.

  • Ok. Thank you as always.

    I get my bloods done on Monday again and will post results Monday evening.

    I think it's the patience bit I'm just not very good at!


  • That's just sooooo depressing!!

  • I agree but......I can't cope with the thought of my life with no dancing!!

    I think I'm still under medicated so this makes me feel like I've slammed into a wall 😢

    Totally hear you on better than being sick bit x

  • 😃💃🏼💃🏼

  • Due to the dose we're on daily we can function reasonably well. However, when we over-exercise or over-active, dancing etc etc. it lowers our T3 thus we are depleted for next day :)

    Don't let that put you back as next time maybe take a night dose on going to bed (and this is a complete guess) maybe it will carry over for the next 36hours. :)

  • Savage!!

  • Sorry to say this but it was probably the alcohol that has made you feel so rough, unfortunately in our society it is promoted that we can only have a good time if we use a euphoric substance that has a crash downside and made to feel like a pariah if we don't indulge. Personally I love my clear head and would not sacrifice it for anything although I have done when I was younger and it isn't fun to wake up feeling hung over. I say all this with love as I do care and many people with fibromyalgia find they cannot drink alcohol, but life goes on and you can enjoy yourself without it.

  • Thing is I enjoy a wine. I'm just not mentally prepared to go T total. I'm sure the alcohol played a part on Sunday but I don't think it's anything to do with Monday, Tuesday and now today....

  • I used to feel like this after a night out before I was diagnosed, I still felt this way to a certain extent after diagnosis and treatment. However, when I stopped drinking ...going out and still dancing I was fatigued the next day but no where how I was when I was drinking. Did you drink something you don't usually drink at home? For me I found alcohol with grains/gluten were causing the issues.

  • I'm gluten free so I avoided anything like that. I drank Aperol Spritz and wine. And I stopped drinking after the restaurant so no alcohol in the bar with dancing. 😢

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