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Info overload ... Confusion

Hello all...

So I joined this chat because I wanted to be more informed. But I'm actually more confused.

I was diagnosed as under active after repeatedly going to Dr and saying I'm 39 not 89 why am I asleep all the time ... eventually after every other test in the universe and 2 years later!! I finally got some form of diagnosis!

So... With that I'm tested every 12 weeks and as yet I'm still not on the right dose apparently. Now on 75mcgm of levathyroxine and due another test in Feb.

Have no idea what all the T's are you all speak of and or what alternative treatments there are if any available ... Would be great full if anyone can help in educating me as it seems many Dr's get it wrong?

Best wishes and many thanks xx

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The first thing to do is to go to the receptionist and ask them for a copy of your test results for the last year. If the receptionist is difficult remind them that it is your right under The Data Protection Act 1998. They do have a right to charge you but most don't charge or charge a few pence. (If they are still difficult come back and start a new thread stating this to get precise information on how to deal with them.)

Once you have these test results come back on here and start a new thread. In the thread put the test name, test result and reference range.

One issue why you are confused is that you have brain fog and until we see the tests you already have, it is not a good idea to advise you to take anything.

Also be aware the advice given is always targeted at the person starting the thread not at anyone reading it.


Hi - it can all get a bit much and I can see how you could get confused fairly easily. Rather than try and explain it all here and risk further confusion lol, why not start with the main thyroid site an look down tabs at LHS to "About the Thyroid". Start from there and follow on down through to learn the basics. You may well find it less confusing here once you have done that and have some grasp of basics, so why not come back then and ask any questions?

It sounds like you are under-medicated and probably have the typical low vitamin/nutrient levels as well. If you ask your GP receptionist for a copy of your blood results, we will then be able to give you more specific advice about how to get you better.

Good luck and happy reading

Gillian xx


Don't worry too much as many people with hypothyroidism complain of brain fog due to the lack of hormones. Sometimes we just cannot think straight. By reading questions/answers you will get the hang of it.

In order to get well and due to the dire guidelines laid down for the doctor to follow, we can remain very unwell with a seemingly uphill climb.

I was not diagnosed for years and was given different diagnosis for things I didn't have. Individually, the were symptoms of hypothyroidism which doctors in the past (before blood tests and levothyroxine) used to diagnose us with clinical symptoms and give us prescription which was slowly increased until we were well. The people who now are 'in the money' are those who developed blood tests and levothyroxine.

T4 and T3 are the names of essential thyroid hormones. T4 is inactive and converts to T3 also. There is only one thyroid hormone replacement which is prescribed and it is levothyroxine - which is T4 alone. Some people get an addition of T3 to T4 if necessary but the guidelines have now prevented this from being prescribed.

Initially, we are tested every six to eight weeks until we feel well - not when the doctor stops increasing dose as the TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) has reached a spot within the range (the ranges is the figures in brackets after the results)

Always get a print-out of your results with the ranges and post for comments. If you get a copy of your latest ones post them on a new question. We are entitled (in UK) by law to get copies. Some surgeries charge a nominal sum for paper.


Thanks all very much indeed. I will ask for a copy of the results today.

Keep well until my next post xx


Why dont you order a copy of Doctor barry peatfields book, your thyroid and how to keep it healthy from Amazon.... Its easy to understand. Less than £10



Even better is Thyroid for Dummies .


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