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Clearing parasites - good to take probiotics at the same time?

Hello most excellent and supportive community!

I'm following Isabella Wentz's book and I finally saved up and got the Genova comprehensive stool test (love all that data!) and it showed Blastocystis hominis as well as low diversity of flora.

As I’m in the UK, I thought I’d try the natural treatments first (rather than being put on Flagyl etc.), going to try the Sacchromydes boulardii and/or oil of oregano approach. I'd intended

I have a few questions if anyone has any opinions, as I'm kind of clueless!

– So if I try the Sacchromydes boulardii approach, is it useful to take the oil of oregano as well?

– What would be helpful to mitigate die-off effects while doing this? (is that likely to happen?).

– Is it useful to start the VSL#3 crazy strength probiotics while doing the eradication? Or more useful afterwards?

Thanks so much!

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Ive also been diagnosed with b hominis and citrobacter via a biohealth labs stool test. Although, since I have stage 3 adrenal fatigue as well, my naturopath has told me not to address my gut issues now until I adjust my thyroid meds and strengthen my adrenals. I asked her about taking probiotics when I start addressing the gut but she advised me not to and to seek a practitioner that has had experience with these two infections in particular. She said that if my Interventions aren't strong enough they might not eradicate and make the bugs stronger. I would advise that you do this under the supervision of someone who's had experience in dealing with this.


Thanks nerdess! that's good advice! It's great to hear input from someone who has some of the same issues! x


You're welcome! I forgot to mention regarding your last question, from what my naturopath told me, taking a probiotic for repopulating the gut is usually done after eradication.

Best of luck in your health journey!


That totally makes sense. Thanks. And good luck to you too! x


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